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The week that went by too fast

I have been very neglectful of 3limes; let me explain. I landed back in Kampala town on a Friday, late afternoon and after a very pleasant weekend of family time and lengthly day dreaming and list writing related to our new house I was back at work Monday morning. Bright, early but not so bushy tailed and bright eyed it was time to jump back into the teacher’s saddle. Luckily there would be a whole week before the students arrived to try and figure out what exactly I would be doing this year. The week flew by at lightning speed and by Friday morning I had a plan for the year but not a plan for the first week, let alone the first day. This year I have some serious new challenges as I will be teaching courses never taught before and I needed to wrap my head around the planning stage.  I arrived at work very early Friday morning to scratch out some ideas for Week 1 and then the entire staff headed to a lovely resort on Lake Victoria, about 35 minutes outside of town. We were there for some team building, bonding and meetings. I was not expecting to have quite as much fun as I did and returned Saturday afternoon with an impressive hangover. This is not a common occurrence; in fact I estimate the last time I felt quite so “day after” to be close to many years ago. The evening was spent stroking the hair of the dog as I we were invited to a party where upon arrival I was promptly handed a much appreciated Bloody Mary. Bloody good it was too.

So here we are Sunday morning and facing Back To School in less than 24 hours.

So that is why I have been neglectful. I will make it up to you, promise. Once I get my teaching feet back on the ground I have a creative project in mind. Keep posted.

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