“Did you hear what the teacher said?”

Well I am back at work and teenagers keep pouring into my classroom.  Funny how one new male student, with reasonable looks and a certain charm can throw all the girls into a tizzy. The whole class is like a mini hurricane and he is the eye of the storm. The girls don’t know where to look or put themselves so try teaching them grammar under such conditions. Meanwhile the boys are all aware of this new rooster in the flock so chests and puffed and struts are strutting. The hormones are a raging.

Now imagine this little scene. We have two text books with long and convoluted names; to make things easier I have decided to refer to them by the name of the author, one being Barr and one Cox. Today I directed them to the attractive steel prison grey cabinets to collect their supplies and once they were all seated, legs splayed and chests out I asked in my best cheery teacher voice:

“Ok everyone! Have you all got your Cox out?”

It’s only day two.


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5 responses to ““Did you hear what the teacher said?”

  1. Robyn

    HAAAAA! A great start to the year!

  2. verasdi

    that is hilarious! I am a big fan of your writing, I come back every week.

  3. Lena

    wonderful! (and appreciated at the end of a tiring day).

    how on earth did you manage to keep a straight face?! am also a great fan of your blog – entertaining, informative and insightful, all that a blog should be!

  4. Kirsty

    You have now become a legend!

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