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From Shoebox to Villa

Moving is a strange and tiring experience. In Montreal there is an odd phenomenon that sees a mass exodus from one apartment to another each July 1st. On the same day, every year you would find people lugging fridges up the spiral staircases that hug the outside of Triplex or 5plex apartments. By the evening everyone is happily and tiredly sipping beer and eating pizza out of boxes in their new homes that echo with the possibility of change.

I was reminded of that yesterday when the motley crew of movers and their motley truck and boxes came to transfer us from one Kampala world to another. The move went smoothly, although the haphazard way that our possessions were tossed into boxes left me sorely lacking in the underwear department when I had to go to a teacher’s TGIF drinks function at the end of the day. Trooper and Princess, having spent the afternoon with their best friends and now neighbours (how lucky is that!) came laughing through the door with friends in tow at 4.30pm and immediately set upon the joyous task of arranging their rooms. Of course it being the very first night in The Villa, their friends had to stay over so despite having no glasses, plates, nor kitchen we have already had our first Villa Sleepover.

The first night in a new place is a little odd, mainly due to the surprising outside noises that play their melody all night long.  Last night that melody included our Chinese neighbours who obviously have a fondness for Karaoke,  a pack of very sociable dogs that had plenty to discuss, the wind that played through the trees in our new garden and some apparent drag car racers who chose our street with its sharp corner for some late night entertainment. Once we have curtains to muffle the sounds and we have grown accustomed to the newness of it all I am sure these night-time noises will slip into the distant background.

Handsome Husband, who I practically had to force out of the house for his Boy’s Poker Night, ( these things are important!)  came home in the region of 2am and, since I was still awake thanks to the aforementioned Chinese/dogs/cars and a pesky and persistent mosquito, I had the interesting experience of trying to bypass Fort Knox to let him back in. I have never seen such a collections of barriers, doors, gates and padlocks. When one door was unsuccessful we tried another and luckily found success. I think we might need to learn the system today, if there is one.

I love my new house, sounds, keys, cold water and odd flushing toilets and all. This is a new Kampala.

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