Peter Rabbit I miss you.

I miss the days when Trooper, Princess and I used to tuck ourselves up into my big bed to read bed time stories. I miss the company of Mother Goose, A A Milne and Beatrix Potter and the characters we used to chat about. Those early years of childhood pass too quickly and bed time stories quickly become a ritual of the past. Now it is Trooper in bed with her Vampire books and Princess with Meg Cabot or Jacqueline Wilson, meanwhile Handsome Husband is laughing his way through the erudite wit of David Sedaris and I am ploughing through IGCSE and IB book lists. Do you think they would mind terribly if I invited them back for a spot of Jemima Puddle-duck?

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  1. SandySays1

    Memories of a kinder, gentler time. Keep the faith most of us go back to our roots and it sounds as though you’ve done a great job in ciltivating yours. After all, you have succeeded. They’re reading aren’t they?

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