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Hammocks, Muzak and a little joke.

Here is my current favourite spot.

Busy weekend here cooking and entertaining. Now that we finally have a kitchen I am thrilled to be back in the swing of cooking and happily cooked for people two nights in a row. One night was happily spent in the company of a good friend, Pims ( yes, I found it here) and the music of Stevie Ray Vaughan.  Much to Handsome Husband’s despair  I am busy planning two parties in the near future; one being a sleepover for 7 kids. Having space has simply made me want to fill it up with friendship, good food and laughter. Just the other evening, walking around my house I welled up with the sadness that comes from being too far away from the friends and family I love. I had an all dressed up and no where to go sort of feeling, and found inviting people over to be quite the tonic.

I am very spoiled. Two men came over today to dig a hole, pour cement and plant a pole from which I will hang two hammocks.  The concrete has yet to dry but there will be a time very soon when I will lie under a tree, in my very own garden, in my hammock listening to birds. Or if I am very unlucky my Chinese neighbours, who have a strong fondness for Muzak and Karaoke, will be blasting some rare treat from the Commodores 1977. As I groaned into my pillow at 8am this morning trying to block out the sound of an instrumental version of “You don’t bring me flowers”, Handsome Husband said “ well, they are Chinese.” Not sure that excuses them.

I heard this joke at school the other day and laughed when I saw how long it took different kids to get it. You could see the punchline working its way from ear to brain and while some laughed, others creased their brow with a concerned and confused look.

“What is the difference between roast beef and pea soup?”

“Well, anybody can roast beef!”

I am off to watch season 3 of Gavin and Stacy. From Kampala to Wales with the push of a button.

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