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A Bear Hunt in Camp Sweetness

Perhaps I needed a break from those pesky teens, maybe I just wanted to feel nostalgic for the Beatrix Potter days, I am not sure why, but the other day I found myself perched on a tiny chair reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ to 4 year olds. Occasionally I do leave the high school block, also known as Camp Hormone, and venture over to a gentler place, the Primary Block, also known as Camp Sweetness. Over there are the little people who still run around trees and squeal when shown a picture of a ‘Big Scary Bear’, little ones from 2-11 who sharpen pencils, raise their hands and walk in lines. I like to go over and see where it all begins-knowing full well where it is going to end- I think it gives me a good perspective after a day in Camp Hormone and more than anything those big smiles and little hands holding mine make me smile. It is very relaxing after a day marking descriptive essays or finding the hidden metaphor in an obscure poem.

For one hour I spun through a snow storm “Whoo Hoo!” and marched through “Swishy Swashy” grass and tiptoed through a “Dark Cave” hunting the elusive big bear. I was reminded of another era, the Winnipeg Days, when I taught dance to 4 year olds while pregnant with Trooper.

I might do it again next week. But let’s make it our secret… We don’t want the physics and chemistry teachers running over in their free periods.  Camp Sweetness is all mine.

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