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An Animal Spectacle

Back from an amazing few days at Murchison falls and the Rhino Sanctuary. Here are some highlights from my trip.

Number of giraffes seen: Too many to count. I love these strangely elegant yet wobbly animals. We were even fortunate to see babies.

Number of pregnant lionesses: 1. She was lying under a tree next to her freshly caught dinner. We parked the buses really close to her and despite her being obviously aware we were there we stayed for ages and watched her magnificence.

Number of Rhinos: 3 seen on foot and really close while trekking at the Rhino Sanctuary.

Elephants: 1 up close and 6 from afar with babies.

Jackals: 3 who were playing tug of war with a fresh carcass while the vultures looked on and licked their lips.

Hippos: It was hippo soup; there is no other way to describe it. We took a boat ride and literally ploughed through a river of hippos. Their beady eyes watch while the other 95% of their luxuriously fat bodies stays cool under water.

Lucky girl I am.


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