Quiet Please

I have been let out of Camp Hormone, albeit briefly for a week’s respite. I am so happy that I can take a whole week off and come back refreshed and hopefully a more inspiring teacher. We can’t leave our performing switch turned to on all the time, and we are performers really, standing up and talking in front of a lot of seated people, though I expect real performers, the ones who people pay to see, have lots more people paying attention. I have often said that the only way to teach kids anything is to keep them awake. Bored kids learn nothing. It is a like a dam enters their brain and stops up the memory hole; everything you say goes in one ear and out their nostrils unless they are entertained. And with a population reared on You-tube and Dora the Explorer they demand a lot from their classrooms. We need to keep moving.

So I am a little tired but have that warm feeling of satisfaction. Now I feel like being very very quiet. Its all been a bit noisy for the past 8 weeks. I hope the kids all have a good rest too, they deserve it.

And the cherry on this plum pie is that my mother, shall we call her, The Queen, is here for a visit. It is the very first time that any one has been to see our lives here and I can’t tell you how amazing it is to show her around school, take her to the Villa, point out our Sunday Scrabble table and the pool I don’t visit enough. Trooper said it was as if both her worlds had collided. It is all quite strange but wonderful. Tomorrow we take off to see beautiful Uganda, land of no smog, enormous skies, wild smells, buzzing heat and exotic animals.

So not only do I get a week off, I get a week off in the wilds. I have a plan to try and limit the animal photos. I’m sure you are bored of those. Maybe I’ll see if I can find something else.

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