Struck by limelight

The holiday clothes have been washed, ironed and folded and those Zebra bums are now a sunny memory. So back to school for another 8 weeks. It will be an exciting one…testing, exams, reports, projects but who cares about all that when Princess just got the role of Veruca Salt in the school production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!  Yes, big news here. It is precisely the part she wanted, having always particularly enjoyed imitating old Veruca in her demands for ponies and squirrels. She thinks she has the perfect bossy voice all sorted out and we do too. She has been practicing for years on her sister.

It will be quite the thespian half term as Princess is also returning to the National Theatre of Uganda stage to perform as Clever Mouse in this year’s Pantomime. Pantomime here is a tradition that, I hear, goes back a very long way. Last year was our first experience and it was like nothing I have ever seen before, combining humour with Kampala inside jokes, throwing pies into the face of the old timers and bringing on a load of school kids in costumes to deflect from all the bawdy jokes. Grown men, known to all as respectable members of Kampala expat society don robes and play the Dame, the same people are laughed at year after year. It is quite a cosy event in a nudge, nudge say no more kind of way. Every year tons of people vie for positions in the cast. We don’t have snow, tinsel and mad rushes at the shops Christmas Eve. This is our big chance at Christmas Spirit.

Trooper also cleverly got a part, brushing away the hoards of competition ( no joke) to take the role of Bossy Mouse. Yours Truly has been officially roped into the role of Co-director. I have no talent in saying no and I believe it might actually be fun.

So the next 8 weeks will be all limelight and gloss.



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2 responses to “Struck by limelight

  1. Pantomimes are so much fun! A real English sort of theater production. My dh and I played in several when we lived in Ghana. It certainly is a hoot to see the USAID country director dressed up with wig and boobs and dress playing Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother . . .

    Lots of laughs .. . I envy you your fun!

  2. Elin

    Do I see broadway in trooper and princess’s future? They would certainly be closer to
    Us! Congrats on the roles!!!

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