Kampala Corners

This is the way most people in Kampala buy their dinner each evening. They buy a fresh chicken, tuck it under their arm and ride a Boda Boda home.


A common sight here, cows just walking along the road. As I have said before, they are stupid, gormless creatures who can be kept in line by one boy and his stick. Many times have I sat in traffic waiting for the cows to pass.



These are the stands where people either charge their cell phones, buy air time or, if they have no cell, use these phone to make their call.


A mannequin displays the dress she wants to sell. Rather than lots of indoor shops, most stores are open onto the street and the colourful wares are displayed outside.


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  2. I’m a blogger and photographer and I’m more than liking what I see here. Consider me a regular from now on!

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