Inching towards Christmas

Oh where have I been?

While the hills of Kampala were strewn with yellow clad runners in yesterday’s Kampala Marathon I was ticking things off my list and cooking dinner for 19 people. Yes 19. Nothing like confronting the fear of invites with one whole swoop of people. And it all went off fine. As the sun set, I lit candles, we all sat outside and admired the blooming garden, hammocks were swung and people chatted quietly as they munched on the best brownies in the world. Thanks Nigella.

Today Princess will step onto the stage and perform her rendition of Veruca Salt. There has been much apprehension and shower singing and now, when the glitter is glued on,  backdrop nailed, lines learnt and costumes sorted where is young Princess? In bed nursing a fever. This bad luck simply must pass and the show must go now, not just today but tomorrow and all week as the KADS Pantomime opens Wednesday night and both Princess and Trooper will be donning mice outfits and dancing to Cinderella’s Work Song. Trooper, who is 13 and much too old for this sort of thing is mortified and has threatened that if any photos of her replete in mice ears and tail appear on Facebook she shall report the photo for abuse.

In less than two weeks reports shall be written, books put away and shreds of party paraphernalia swept away as Term 1 comes to a close. Yes Camp Hormone closes for 3 weeks and the inmates are all sent home, as are we the teachers. I am awaiting Christmas Spirit but it has not yet made its entrance into The Villa. Without chilly climes and snow it is always hard to get the feeling. I might have to pull out the Christmas Music CD and rock around the tree. Once we pull it out of its box in the garage. Sacrilegious: fake trees. But what to do? A Ugandan Christmas it shall be. Round two.

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