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Kampala through the peephole

I often get requests for more photos of Kampala.  People ask: ” what do the streets look like? What about the shops?” I will endeavor to bring supermarket snap shops in the near future but in the mean time here is a glimpse of Kampala, through the peephole.

Here is the neighborhood disco. It might not have the glitz and shine but it certainly has the boom boom.

Hitch a ride on our chairs for free! Honest!

Here is a local convenience store. Airtime, coke, lentils, bread and conversation.

Moonlight Butchery. We ‘ll do it at night. They’ll never know.

All you need is an umbrella and a chair and airtime is good to go.

If we say it is divine; it really is.


We are practicing something to do with guns. We use sticks instead of guns and we have no uniforms. But we are still practicing.

Don’t you agree it is better to put all the merchandise on the sidewalk? That way no one needs to come inside, no one needs to advertise. It is all simply there. Window shopping without the windows.

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