I love mannequins

And I am not talking about an epic 80’s movie, I mean the real deal. I constantly pass mannequins as we are driving and sadly I cannot stop traffic to take photos. But occasionally I do snap a few and they always make me smile. Remind me to publish a book of mannequins around the world one day.





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5 responses to “I love mannequins

  1. robert

    i knew a dude once, (ok it was me) who had a mannequin in his bachelor living room, alot of people think thats weird

  2. robert

    took her camping this summer

  3. rai

    I think I know that dude. Real weirdo. Love the post and love the blog.

  4. Lena Schildt

    I live in Addis Ababa, and I pass the same sort of mannequines. They are everywhere in the streets/shops and now around Valentine they were all dressed in red. There are also the torso ones. Just like you I am thinking of photographing them all.

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