Tuesday is International Women’s Day

I am particiapting in an exhibition in honour of Women’s Day here in Kampala.

These are the photos I have chosen to celebrate  and honour the women of Uganda.

Last year I wrote about the lives and hardships of women in this country. Sadly the facts I documented are still too relevant. You can find the post here.


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3 responses to “Tuesday is International Women’s Day

  1. I am so glad to have stumbled upon your blog – it is fascinating!

    I’d love you to join me for my Expat Linky Party on March 19th 🙂

  2. Ali

    Congratulations on the exhibition – the pictures are lovely. You may be leaving Uganda behind, but you will have a lasting memory in the photos. You will all be missed next year.
    Ali x

  3. This is fascinating to me even thou i have “enjoyed” the cold weathers of Canada. My heart is in Uganda. Its nice looking at this life experience of the African woman. Thats why as a Ugandan abroad am making efforts to uplift the status of the African woman through this Agency. Am not shy asking for your used stuff we can donate to the rural women and marginalised youth when you happen to leave Uganda. If donating them is a problem we can buy them off from you esp motorized transport we badly need to follow-up on our work in Uganda esp the children in dispersed schools. I wouldn’t be shy asking you to become part of us in the struggle to save the marginalised Africans. Having been there yu know what i mean. When yu leave Uganda, blessed are yu when yu join us to make a difference. Cheers.

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