Countdown days and goodbye eyes

I hit Kampala with the ground running and it has been full steam ahead as term 3 is underway. Princess has created a countdown calendar, sadly not with colourful markers and giant paper but rather on the computer; in any case there is a calendar that she dutifully crosses off each day. It is entitled “Days Until We See Daddy” and we have 51 days to go.
There is huge relief all round that we went to Bahrain, saw it, explored it, ( it is tiny and doesn’t take too long to see nearly ALL if it), visited the school, saw our future house, imagined how often we could eat at Johnny Rockets without getting fat, things like that. There is some comfort in knowing what things look like and where we are going.
Of course this also means that I am very aware of what I am leaving. I have returned looking at Kampala with “goodbye eyes” and see the green so much sharper, the colour so much brighter. Our drive home from the airport seemed to be in Technicolor. Princess said “look at that lady with all the eggs on her head!” That is not a line we will ever hear in Bahrain.
So I resolve to love my last days here and soak up all the best of Kampala and brush off the frustrations. I now have one foot in the desert and one in the jungle; I am split in two. So in these last days I will eat as much sweet pineapple as possible, laugh with my friends, walk the dusty streets, see the eggs atop the heads, rise above the pot holes and boda jams. They will all too soon be a memory. I am imprinting these last images onto my mind for safekeeping.


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5 responses to “Countdown days and goodbye eyes

  1. Why must we leave a place before we can sometimes really see it?
    I had the same experience. When I knew we were leaving Uganda for good, and may never be back, I suddenly wanted to stay. At least a little while longer.

  2. ohhh-I feel the same…bitter sweet goodbyes. But-on the positive side…you do have Johnny Rockets (don’t get me started!) milkshakes, chili fries and calories!x

  3. Tyler

    Ah Ms. Chesler, I’m so excited for you guys! It’s going to be an incredible opportunity, something completely different. From experience, I can say that you always miss the pineapple, but the shiny malls are definitely nice. However, Edward and I will both give you our warnings about Johnny Rockets–enticing, but avoid before roller coaster rides 😉 Too much grease is not a good thing! I miss you guys! I have such fond memories of our class and the girls’ smiling faces. We need to catch up soon! xx
    Love always,

  4. Astrid V.

    I am currently in Kampala to lead a financial audit. I have been here two weeks now and willl be returning to the USA tomorrow. I viosited Gulu, Kitgum and spent most of my time in Kampala. I really enjoyed it. I am originally from Suriname, so I recognize and relate to a lot of things, except boda bodas, lack of public transport and good restaurant. If I get a job here, i will take it without hesitation.

  5. cassandra

    Goodbyes are never easy. 😦 I’m still suffering a broken heart.

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