Occupational Hazard

We pass this sign everyday on the way to school and it drives Princess and Trooper crazy. It’s the apostrophes; they cannot comprehend how Alfredo can have a dine out or even be dining out with all those apostrophes in the wrong place.

That would be the problem of having an English Teacher as a mother.


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3 responses to “Occupational Hazard

  1. In Germany, we call a misplaced apostrophe “Deppen-Apostroph”. “Depp” means “fool”. 🙂

  2. One of my regrets is that I did not take tons of pictures of all the signs there. So many to have fun with.
    Although, we went to dinner the other night here in Rome and the menu offered a “single fish confusion.”

  3. Mud

    I am considering buying a big black marker pen and correcting all the dodgy apostrophes I find. I must be getting old!

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