Martyrdom at the jaws of a Tsetse

Our 24 hours by the Nile was touched with magic, the elephants, the children squealing with glee in the pool, the rose tinted Nile at sunset. But there was also a cloud in this silver time and that was a cloud of Tsetse flies. I am notorious for attracting biting bugs and I am famous for having nasty reactions. But this time takes the cake. There have been stories of fleas, bed bugs and other Tsetses but the beastly attack I suffered this time makes me a true Martyr to the bite.

They must have got me pool side, when I was lapping up rays and laughing in the splash of the jumping beans. At one point I thought there was something trapped inside my suit and biting me ferociously while trying to get out. But no. It or they had bitten me through my suit and only later in the shower did I see the large welts all over my thighs, back and bottom.

All night I raged with the pain of itching. I tossed and turned and prayed for day light. Then I was up at first light and stumbled to the reception of the lodge. I could hardly walk, I was numb and felt poisoned by my chewed flesh.

They fetched a doctor and I was administered a steroid injection and a heady dose of 4 antihistamines. So heady in fact that I spent the next three hours sleeping them off by the pool and getting bitten by more Tsetses. I needed my own special hero to drive my car all the way home.

Why do they love me so?

p.s I have just been informed by WordPress’ handy informer that this post is the 365th post on 3limes. Quite a journey! From Trini tales of Doubles, Maracas and Carnival to Montreal summers, London summers, Kampala days and Ugandan outback stories.


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4 responses to “Martyrdom at the jaws of a Tsetse

  1. What a gift those little flies gave you! Now you can say, whew! ready to be out of here!
    And today, thank you, I don’t miss it at all. Remembering those bites….

    Congrats on 365! Wow.

  2. oh-they are soo evil. I remember resorting to scratching them with a knife in the loos at the scottish ball (which of course doesn’t help matters!)-they apparently like certain blood types more than others and ALWAYS women! x

  3. Erika McDonald

    Can´t go to Uganda so, here I am being bitten by unseen mozzies with no sound either and especially by the pool. Husband goes unharmed much to his pleasure since he claims in Sweden it is reversed. He thinks they are feminist mozzies.

  4. Fortunately I escaped the tsetse flies when I was in Uganda, and also escaped getting eaten by a crocodile in the Nile river. We were on a boat and came along a croc dead asleep in the sun and some idiot tossed a bottle cap at him. The croc jumped and barely missed dropping into the boat.

    In Kenya I enjoyed weeks of bedbug bites after a care taker decided to use our bed while we were away on vacation. Getting rid of the things was a herculean task. In Ghana (and elsewhere, the mozzies got me all the time.

    Your tale however sounds worse than any of that. Tsetses, yikes. Will you have scars??

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