Farewell Uganda

The day has arrived. The past week has been quite wonderful with dinners and breakfasts and coffee breaks spent with good friends. It has been a slow but soulful goodbye and I feel happy and ready to depart. Of course my mind swings back to the last farewell, two years ago, when we said goodbye to Trinidad.

I am absolutely sure that I will come back, I am already day dreaming about a visit next year.

In the mean time it is time to bid this great land farewell.

And 3limes will be taking a short break too. I am boarding a plane for Bahrain today, then a short week later I will hit London for the weekend. Finally on July 3rd we arrive in Montreal! It has been a long two years since we were home and I intend to have a splendid summer both lake side and in la belle ville.

See you later, Uganda, and thank you.




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3 responses to “Farewell Uganda

  1. We have SO enjoyed reading every second about your life in Uganda. Think we’ll miss it almost as much as you. But we’re pretty confident that we’re going to love reading about Bahrain too. All the best for the next exotic adventure 3limes.

  2. Wishing your next chapter to be even better! Happy and safe travels to you.

  3. As the French say, partir est mourir un peu. I’ve partired a number of times and although i always look forward to new places and new adventures, leaving behind a country, its people and the friends you’ve made is never easy.

    It looks like you’ll have a fun and busy summer. Good luck!

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