A long long week

We have been here in Bahrain for a week now and a long week it has been. Outside it is as hot as an oven, too hot to walk, nowhere to walk even if it was cold. Outside it is Ramadan and a crime to eat in public. Outside it is the desert, I see the sand from my window. 

Inside it is a waiting game. Waiting for our shipping to arrive, for our car to be ready for our visas, for school to start, for our lives to start. It is all thumb twiddling and looking outside for a van with our Uganda life within. 

And then my laptop died and I got a streaming cold and my impatience got the better of me and I started to dream of anger fueled missiles and green cool canadian lakes, and I wondered when it would all begin. 

Princess, in all her wisdom told me to think only of the positive. So I am. 

This is my list of positives:

1. I have a very beautiful , albeit barely furnished home. Light filled, cold floors, space to twirl and dance. 
2. We have music. Lots of it.  The stereo is hooked up and music fills our home. 
3. My mattress is sublime.  I climb onto it like a large white cloud. Then I dream. 
4. I have bought a car. It is not here yet but it is fabulous and I love it. 
5. I have a job. Somewhere in the not too distant future I will go to that job and speak to other humans. 
6. Even if my laptop is deathly Ill, at least we have the life line of an iPad. 
7.  There is a Waitrose is Bahrain. For those not in the know, that is the superior British supermarket. It is filled with all my London favorite things and heaven years away from a Uganda shop. Although it is miles away from my house, I feel some comfort in knowing that it is there, at the other end of this small island. 
8. I have tons of friends in far way away countries that, although nowhere near me, are ready to share a coffee at any time. 
9. Princess and Trooper are both remarkable troopers.
10.  I drove on the scary Bahrain highways and survived. 


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4 responses to “A long long week

  1. I’m a random “blog follower,” for about a year now. I’ve enjoyed your candid writing about living in other cultures (my DH & I lived in Malaysia for a couple years), both the positive and negative. Bahrain does sound like a challenge, here’s hoping you find some neat hidden treasures buried in the sand!

  2. Oh, number 10 scares me! Is it that bad? I think I might have to go by donkey.
    There are many things to stay positive about. Nice beds are always on my list.
    I am going to make my own list today as we stay stranded in NY just waiting ourselves to get back to life….don’t want to lose precious time.

  3. Ashley

    All the best to you guys as you settle in to Bahrain! What a change it is sure to be from Uganda. I love to hear your spin on things. Look forward to following your upcoming adventures!

  4. thanks for swingin’ by and leaving such encouragement! so bahrain eh? how did the IGCSE go? mine did so well in literature! not so good in language…not bad,..but could’ve been better! are you going to take up teaching that side?? sending much love…x j ps: at least you’re not swamped in plans and schemes of work for the beginning of term! x

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