Daily Archives: September 1, 2011

Getting close to normal

Over the course of two days we received 94 boxes and unpacked them all. Finally we have duvets and pillows, favourite books, wine glasses and a tv. And lots more. I was shocked to see how much stuff we have and some serious culling was done before objects were shelved and placed. There is still one room which is a horror story of papers and office type things but we need shelves before much can be done with that disaster zone. This is the first time in two years that we have all our possessions in one place. I tell you, this lady, me, myself and I is in no hurry to move again. 

And According to Trooper we now have a Home with a capital H.

I am still without a laptop so uploading images is impossible. Thanks and praise to the iPad for allowing this little post to be. Although, honestly who can write properly on this thing?

What appears as a looming and insurmountable list of things and boxes that need to be ticked is no slowly shrinking , and things are nearly normal.  Moving across the world as often as we have makes us rather good at it and we attack our task with vigour. The car is purchased, the house unpacked, pictures hung, but it takes a little longer for the mind to catch up. The real key to feeling at home is routine and friends. 


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