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Not a good feeling

Something unsettling happened this week.

We had a small but significant theft. Trooper discovered that her wallet was empty. There were three possible reasons: a) she hadn’t in fact put any money into the wallet, or perhaps it had slipped her mind that she had taken it out and pushed it into the pocket of her jeans. So maybe it was all her fault. b) She has a Kleptomaniac for a friend; she had just hosted a sleep over and perhaps her friend had an “issue.” This was far more unlikely than the former option. Or c) Our cleaning lady had pinched the money.

I worried it may be option c) so I asked Princess to check and low and behold, she too had money missing. It was looking like option (c) was the most likely scenario but I didn’t want to it to be true. I am very trusting; I have to be, if a person is to come into my house while I am at work and touch all my stuff. (I know I am very very lucky, there I have said it.)

I called her. She said she had no idea what I was talking about. The subject was closed but not solved. I was thinking Kleptomania…

Then the door bell rang. It was the cleaning lady in tears. She said it was her husband. He had come over to our house looking for her and when she refused to give him drinking money he walked uninvited into my house, walked into my daughter’s rooms, opened their sweet little wallets and pulled out their pocket money.

She didn’t give it all back. She says it is all there or at least what her husband claimed he took, but it isn’t.

I am sad. It was different in Uganda; I expected it, in a way. We had shoes, a laptop, a bag, a phone and two itouches stolen but never from anyone who worked inside our home. Now I feel the need to hide things away and I don’t like it.



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