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Here is an Emu

For your personal enjoyment I am showing you an Emu. Don’t say I don’t set out to both please and entertain. 3limes is the place for all creatures, great and small. Regulars will have read of everything from Giant African Snails, to toads, dead rats, rare and exotic birds, tree climbing lions, warthogs, giraffes, elephants, the beloved pooch and even the dreaded roach. And now I present you with an Emu.

I went to pick up Princess from a sleepover at her new friend’s house and lo and behold, as I stepped out of the car I was greeted with quite the menagerie. Their garden is a veritable farm beside the sea, complete with three Emus running in dizzy circles, two peacocks and an alarming Turkey who seemed thankful to have survived Thanksgiving.

I think Princess had a wild and wonderful time.

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