Photo Limes

A glimpse of rural Uganda.

Club is the preferred beer of choice here. For everyone.

I am missing the Trinidad sea this week.

This is a Mosaic I made with some early images of Kampala and Uganda.

This woman was more than happy to shyly smile for my camera. Many other women asked us for money or simply told me to go away.

4 responses to “Photo Limes

  1. Ixoras? I have these in my yard!

  2. Nina Wimuttikosol

    Have you ever been up to Sebei on Mt Elgon? i used to work in Sebei Secondary School 1970-71 and wonder what it is like up there now. I have been living in Thailand most of the time since then aside from a year in Iran, India and indonesia.

  3. Dana

    I love the fact that you posted some pictures that really made me feel as if i was with you during that time. A friend of mine, worked in Uganda for two years i believe. He ended loving that place, he does visit from time to time.

  4. Lana

    Hey! I have been looking through all of these photos and read a few of you articles. I am glad all is well! I remember all of the amazing times with you guys! Hope we can see each other soon,

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