Photo Limes

img_28772 My daddy threw me in the pool.       img_1563 Guess who lives in my garden?     n527752305_1556005_8508 Flooding has been terrible these past few days. People have reported 4 hour drives home, offices have ended early, after school activities were cancelled, and a small child died.  All this because there is terrible infrastructure and incompetent drains.       l1010431 I saw a tiny dead Hummingbird on the street today. So I thought of this one taken at Asa Wright Bird Sanctuary. My favorite birds.         img_2806 In many places Carib Beer is cheaper than a bottle of water. So the choice is simple. Drink Coke.       img_2862 Yesterday it was dead frogs. Today the most beautiful plant in the world. Stubborn, hard to keep and gorgeous.     img_2892 Things often found in a swimming pool.     l10108831 A Trini moment.


4 responses to “Photo Limes

  1. Ixoras? I have these in my yard!

  2. Nina Wimuttikosol

    Have you ever been up to Sebei on Mt Elgon? i used to work in Sebei Secondary School 1970-71 and wonder what it is like up there now. I have been living in Thailand most of the time since then aside from a year in Iran, India and indonesia.

  3. Dana

    I love the fact that you posted some pictures that really made me feel as if i was with you during that time. A friend of mine, worked in Uganda for two years i believe. He ended loving that place, he does visit from time to time.

  4. Lana

    Hey! I have been looking through all of these photos and read a few of you articles. I am glad all is well! I remember all of the amazing times with you guys! Hope we can see each other soon,

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