I am a British Canadian Mother, Wife, Teacher and storyteller. I am living in Bahrain ( and more recently Uganda and before that Trinidad where 3limes was born) after years of moving around. Most recently I lived and loved in Montreal and believed I had made my life’s home until my husband came home one day and told me we were moving to Trinidad.

In Trinidad,  a Lime is a gathering of friends, brought together to laugh, enjoy and share some love. This blog is a Lime of sorts, bringing photography, stories and observations about life, Uganda,Trinidad and the whole crazy kit and kaboodle into one place. Welcome to 3limes.

If you wish to see more of my photography, feel free to click on Moosefur on the blogroll or Flickr and it will direct you to my photoblog.

All content of this blog is under the copyright of Samantha Chesler Leiman.

19 responses to “About

  1. Rosa

    Love it…love it…well said…so Trini….I want more…..

    PS: I did cry reading it…

  2. caryn ferguson

    FANTASTIC JOB!!! I love reading your stories!

  3. CelebrateCanada2010

    This is a lovely way to spend time…I am enjoying being swept away.

  4. Amy and Blake

    Samantha!! How fantastic! Please contact us!!

  5. Rosa

    It gets better and better my friend….. WOW!

    A recommendation…can we be notified when a new story is added!

  6. angela

    I just traipsed over here from aminus to see your blog…and I do believe I will be sticking around for awhile:))

    It is so nice to meet you! Thank you for the comments on Alex’s pic. I also have flickr stream, if you ever visit there, with way more photos and oversharingness – my screenname is jhscrapmom.

    Take care –


  7. chris

    Hi ,I’m married to a beautiful Trinidad lady named Lily. This is good for me to read because I’m not at all like her culture. Sorry to see your leaving though.


  8. Caroline Nicol


    I read 3 limes and love it!

    PS: Send the girls back to Montreal to live with me for the next 2 years.


  9. Canon Canada CPS


    If you are the Samantha Chesler-Leiman that is registered for our CPS program, please contact us. We need to update your file & email.

    Thank you.

  10. Hi Samantha,

    I understand you are trying to submit your blog onto the ExpatWomen.com blog directory. If you are still having difficulty doing so, please contact me on victoria@expatwomen.com and I can walk you through it.

    All the best,

  11. Justine Miller

    hey Samantha
    i read your blog very often and i love to look at all of your pictures on moosefur!!!
    i really miss you guys

  12. danielle

    I asked Christina how you were and she directed me here… I love it!

  13. justdance

    This blog is beautiful!!

  14. Lorna

    Bravo Sam! Every time I read your blog, I’m left wanting to read more. Keep it coming! And the photos, too. Fantastic. When’s the book coming out?!!! I’m serious:)

  15. Love your blog too — what an amazing journey you’re on!

  16. Jean

    I really like your blog – I’ve been following it for ages, not least because we have a friend who has moved to Kampala, and your blog really gives a feel of life there,. I’ve sent him the details, too. We’re coming to Kampala in August – by which time I guess you’ll be elsewhere! Oh well … May I ask where you stayed in Murchison Falls National Park when you went there? We’ll be going with our friends (total 4 adults + 1 teenager), and it looks amazing!

  17. Hi,
    I would like to invite you to join my Global Expat group pages on Linkedin and facebook. We are dedicated to assisting the expat family in their years abroad as well as the trailing spouse (STARS) in maintaining a career.

    Please feel free to post links on the Global Expats Linkedin.com and facebook.com group pages.

    Bon Voyage! Buen Viaje!

  18. Mecha

    I am missing your blog. Please tell me where you have gone off to…mecha

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