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A little Pie with that Antique Bossy Waffle?


I would like to introduce to you some of my favorite blogs.  I don’t read them all everyday, some more than others but these are the ones I check into often.



Bossy is the first blog that ever made me laugh. She is smart, witty, a funny and great mom, a good friend and a cashew lover. She paints, saves money, is a frugal decorator and also has a blast driving to get her hair done in Manhattan and stopping for drinks at the railway bar ( if she takes the train.) She would be a friend that I could share a bottle of wine with. (At 2 in the afternoon.)  And she is good at taking photos too. And oh my Gawd I love Stella the Dane.

Antique Mommy is sweet, smart, nurturing and an artist at heart. She will find art in her son’s dropped ribbon, she has a son who drops a ribbon, she is a person who feels blessed and reading her makes one feel that way to.


Belgium Waffle. What to say about Belgium and Waffles? So different from the others. Her I read ‘cause she reminds me of the smarter girl at school, the girl who was sharp, dramatic and sometimes trouble. I read her for her intelligence. I love the way she writes, I like her mind. She spends too much, thinks she neglects her children, has frequent melt downs and depressive rants but she is also charming and a droll observer, She is very London-Euro.


This the first blog I ever found. The name was definitely the catch. My Boyfriend is a Twat pulled me straight in. I love Zoe for her crossness, her humour, her readiness to admit when she needs to hand over the reigns to the twat. He is erudite, funny and a great writer. I like them both. I think they probably have a lot of fun mixed in with the stress at home. Her son is trouble, her daughters are delightful and she takes funny photos of wall art. 


Desire to Inspire is eye candy and interior design porn. Love the delicious places these girls from Canada and Oz pick for us. So cool that I don’t even feel pissed off about not having them. I am just content to dream for a few minutes. Found them through Martha Stewart’s blog but I don’t even read hers. Weird.


Mommy Pie is one of the first I read, She is lovely. A single mom of an adorable little girl and she lives in the Mountains. (She looks so pretty in a jacket and pink hat in the snow.) Anyway she recently became engaged (through the blog!) to The Boy who is an old classmate  she hooked up with through facebook! It is a real love story! She also runs a cool site called Swap Mamas so she is an entrepreneur too. Busy.


The other day I came stumbling onto a new blog by perusing Waffling in Belgium’s blog list. Scrolling down I was fascinated with the choice of names and decided to find the coolest name and that is the one I would open. The choice was clear:Thus Sayeth the Bitter Old Bitch.  Judging from the name (and who said you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover?) she was going to be person who acted witty but probably wasn’t and was quite fond of referring to herself in the 3rd person. I was wrong. Anyway, this is a person who has way too much time on her hands, and spends it going through the treasure trove that is the internet to find the oddest strangest and funniest photos and images. This woman knows her way around  google.  Of all the people who have way too much time I am now glad it is her, for she finds me the funniest things. I like her sense of humour.


Talking of stumbling onto blogs. I sometimes check out how people find me, what were they clicking on? Lime sorbet made with 3 limes?  And it appeared I had been transferred from a rather naughty website. I had written about booty, here and here, and so had she apparently! Only her booty is way more fun. Kids this one is not for you. (Incidentally, if you do give it a peep let me know if you think she is for real or just a bored housewife in Wichita with kids and diapers strewn across her floor.)



Eddie, lemons and flawed are all fabulous and dear to my heart. I have mentioned them before and anyway they deserve their own blog post so you’ll hear about them next time.


 So there you have it! 


I think it is quite fabulous that the people above are such good writers. And that most of them have interesting enough thoughts to share.


 Bloggers need to write. It is like oxygen for us. Finally somebody is reading our diary.



Random thought: I think all bloggers drink wine.






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Just a little toe tapping distraction.

You are there. Wherever “there” is and I am in Tobago. For two weeks with no internet connection. I am lying on a beach, perhaps by the pool; I am reading and talking and “liming” and enjoying the company of my sister, my brother-in-law and their three delicious children. I am watching 5 children who live a million miles from each other, laugh and splash and love like only cousins do.

Did you read the part about NO internet?

This is going to be very interesting.

I will be back.

In the meantime look at this. It will get your toes tapping and amaze you.

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A Different Kind of List

Delicious words:








Words that should be struck:











Creme Caramel

Creme Brule

Salmon kamikaze sushi


Grilled eggplant








Brussell Sprouts

Strawberry icecream


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One more memory

This is a fantastic mash up of last year’s best pop tunes. Enjoy.


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Lessons from Mr. Charlie Brown

Perhaps mean grownups were once just mean children.

Why is it so hard? It should be so simple. The answer is this. Just be nice.  This works for everything. The smile at a colleague, the have a good day, the can I help you? The lending a student some money, the bringing a toy in for the toy drive, the throwing the best birthday party for your kids, the surprise dinner party, the little thoughtful acts that make the world go round. It does not include the crabby guy on the phone who doesn’t give a damn, the people who cut off the old people’s heating in the dead cold of winter, the nasty immigration officers who make you feel like you are doing them a favour coming into their country, the lazy rip off artists who run a scam, the lawyers who watch the bottom line and miss the humanity, the guys with guns that storm hotels, the police that hit teenagers, the fanatics that bomb houses of prayer, the parents who never talk to their kids, the teachers who put down kids and ruin a dream, the kids who write on walls and ruin a life.

Last night I watched a Charlie Brown Christmas. I had forgotten what a gem this cartoon was. First of all they feature the voices of real children rather than adults trying to sound like children. The writing cleverly reflects the real way that people speak, particularly children who are often painfully honest with each other. They have not yet installed the “filter” that enables them to edit out the brutally honest and often rude comments. It is a fact; if you want to know the truth about how you look in that dress, ask a child.

In the Charlie Brown Christmas the kids all are mean to Charlie Brown, berating him for never doing anything right. Of course they ultimately learn that it pays to be nice to one another. When his little tree becomes beautiful the children realize they were wrong yet there is no fast moral where Charlie “rubs it in.” They just begin to enjoy the true spirit of Christmas once they begin to sing together. Each character is charming in their own way because we can see ourselves in at least one of them.  Each one is eminently human.  They are not particularly kind to each other because they have not yet learnt how important it is. We have our filters. We should know better. We are grown ups and it is a simple as just being kind. When we watch Lucy taunting Charlie Brown we cringe and laugh because we know it is wrong.

Who are you?





Charlie Brown.  Worried, intense, means well, acts on his instincts, hates materialism, wants a friend but refuses to compromise his beliefs or actions to please people. Thoughtful, confused, questioning and ultimately right. The lovable loser, symbol of hope and determination.



lucyLucy. Brilliant, intelligent, bossy, cross, loves to talk, loves money, thinks she is always right. She is a fighter, cuts to the chase, often mean but hard not to love.





 Linus. In his own world. Needs comfort but is a great friend, highly knowledgeable, brilliantly clever, worried, creative, somewhat of a mess. Very loyal to Charlie Brown.





Snoopy. A great show off. The definition of cool.  Spoilt, extravagant, in love, a good friend, eccentric and a performer.






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People have friends for all different joys. Some people are just perfect for long Starbucks coffee mornings and shoe shopping. Some are the ones you want to lie on your bed and chat with, pretending you are 10. Then there are the friends that let you clean out their closets and the others that you shop, eat or see Alvin Ailey with. Some are just perfect for chatting about the kids or moaning about your thighs. Sometimes, you find a friend that wraps it all up into one. When that happens it is magic. Best friends don’t try and change you or make you go to the gym. The best thing is when someone just understands what you need and loves you warts ( or wobbly bits) and all.

Being in a rut is awful. Nothing is getting you moving. You know you should shake and move, and you hate the guilt of the sofa but climbing off it is just too hard. Occasionally there are bursts of activity and inspiration. Moments when “Aha!” is more than just the sound made after finding that lost shoe.  Ever so rarely a glimpse of what could be comes through. But then the cave closes again and you’re back in the rut. 

My rut lasted awhile.  Once or twice I caught myself looking out of the window and sighing. In my manic moments I baked a lot but quite frankly I was bored and couldn’t snap out of it. Then one day ( and I am not kidding, it happened on a Wednesday) I decided I wanted to be a teacher. My biggest regret had been my teaching degree. A miserable experience that put me off teaching and wasted 3 years of my precious 20s. Suddenly I needed it, wanted it and was off running around trying to re-activate my expired teaching license. Once I started work the sun came out. I had found out what I wanted to do and I was out of the cave.

My friend Cass is in a rut. I keep telling her to be gentle with herself. It’s good that she feels guilty because that means eventually she’ll move but in the meantime she can stay in her rut. One day she’ll wake up and know what she wants. It happens at a different time for different people. In the meantime I’ll visit her in the cave whenever she wants. And I’ll bring chocolate.


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Booty is best



Women in Trinidad are vain. This is not a criticism, in fact it is a compliment if being vain means making an effort all the time and not pulling on your best tracksuit to dine out as many do in the Canadian Midwest where I had the fortune to live some years back.  Many have commented that you can see the most beautiful women in your life here in T&T.  It is the cultural mish mash of Black, Indian, Chinese and White that makes these people so gorgeous. They dress up to grocery shop and they dress up to go to the beach, always standing inches taller in their mandatory heels. They know the meaning of the word accessorize and love to select just the right colour earrings to accompany their belt that circles their oh so tiny waists.  It might not always be my taste, it doesn’t matter if the gold is real or if the green glow of the bangle will eventually peel off; if it works today it works.

I recently noticed the male take on all this glamour during an afternoon at the beach.  People watching is a sport here and like good observers the men carry cameras or at the least camera phones and snap the pretty girls. They don’t mind, it is the ultimate compliment. I cannot imagine this going down too well on a beach in Maine.  In fact being photographed is such a desired option here that the best of all worlds is to be snapped up by a pro and put on the popular website This website features photos of all the pretty people at all the shows, bars, events and functions. 

Back in my hometown of Montreal, Canada women can most often be seen sporting their lycra outfits, climbing into huge SUVs, Starbucks clutched in hand. Men at work look sharp in ties and crisp shirts but the weekends will find them in 20 year old jeans, worn Ts and indescribable sneakers. The men here have creative facial hair, perhaps an earring and certainly a bangle or necklace.  They are waiting to be looked at as they sit and watch.  So what makes this Caribbean island so style conscious? There have been two Miss Universe that have hailed from T&T, a fact of which they are extremely proud. A main high way running through the city is named after one of those winners. So perhaps it starts with the fact that they are all so attractive to begin with, the goods are already there. Might it also have something to do with the heat, the music, the rum that sends all the beautiful people into a dancing, whining frenzy that most often leads to desire?  The girls wear painted on jeans, heels that sparkle and tops that leave little to the imagination. They do not just dress to impress, they dress to seduce. And it is the sexy curvaceous woman who fares best here.  Black booty must be a fabulous thing if the posters for the parties are to be believed. “Bootylicious Short Pants Party September 1st!” screams out one poster in vivid pink and green colours. “ Hot Pants Party” shouts out another. And these are not ads aimed at the Hooters crowd, it is the fine appreciation of a good Trini woman that is in order.  

Titillation, flirtation and the conscious awareness of the power they hold over men is always in mind. While not every hot dance leads to sex the vague promise is always there and the scent of desire hangs in the air. In the end that is a big part of Carnival. While in the past the parade of costumes harked back to characters of myth and history, today the tiny sparkly bikinis, bedecked in feathers is another reason to celebrate the body beautiful.

Perhaps it is the beauty all around them that inspires the dresses, the fashion, the effort. Colour is imperative here. Black is simply not an option. Instead, as I flicked through a rack at a local clothes store I realized my choices lay in the colour of gems. Brilliant blue, canary yellow, hibiscus pink, ruby red, diamond silver and plenty of gold. Fabrics that shimmer and drape, clothes that stretch and reveal. The Western concept of the perfect body goes out the window; who needs to be tiny? Tiny is good but any body that is shown off and celebrated is better. Shy white men on the beach look around in adolescent glee as women don’t hide or fret over their bodies but rather strut and flaunt, often with short sarongs dotted with gilt that seem to shimmer and sing as the girls twitch their booty and walk the beach, ever aware of watchful eyes.


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