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Tales from the park

I live for my holidays. The best thing about living here in Uganda is the fabulous opportunity to travel and each long weekend or school break we head off to explore somewhere new. At some point this voracious appetite for travel might need to be slightly curbed simply to preserve the fragile nature of our bank balance.  In the meantime I day dream constantly about escaping from Kampala and spend some serious time planning and researching the next place I want to explore.

We had driven past Lake Mburu on the way out West but had never stopped there to explore. The park is famous for its Zebra population and aside from Kidepo, a park in the far North East, is the only place where one can find Zebras in Uganda. It is also the only place where the Impala roam. There are no elephants or giraffes and in fact this is one of the unique and possibly frustrating things about the nature of Ugandan parks; only Kidepo has all the animals.

This does not bother me one little bit. I would rather go on a game drive in Uganda with fewer animals and be alone with 8 elephants or 12 Zebra than be surrounded by 40 safari vehicles in a busy park in Kenya. Believe me, I am looking forward to going to the Serengeti, but Ugandan parks have their own quiet charm and I love them for it.

While we packed Trooper and Princess of to the camp site for two nights Handsome Husband and I spent some much needed quality time alone. If marriage is like a garden then we took this opportunity to do some weeding.  I find weeding in the presence of Impala and Zebra, with a splendid view of a lake a most pleasant occupation. The lounge area of the lodge was very relaxing with plenty of space to read, talk and even nap. The tent/rooms however were overpriced and basic and I must be something really delicious since despite sleeping in the same bed as my husband I was the only one who came away devoured by bed bugs. Yes again.

The third night was spent in a space far more divine. Mihingo Lodge is one of the most impressive and special places to stay in Uganda and we certainly lapped up the luxury beside the infinity pool or in our room that closely resembled sleeping in a tree house.  I was so impressed by the attention to detail in this lodge and I realized that having stayed in a fair number of places in Uganda I now have plenty of material to compare. Lodge reviews will be coming within the next few weeks.

The most amazing thing about the past few days was the opportunity to horse ride with Zebras. In my mind this was the equivalent of scuba diving on land. We were literally riding amongst the Impala, Waterbuck, Cranes and Zebras and they mingled with us without a care in the world. Despite the fact that Princess was thrown from her pony at one point (she clambered back on like the brave girl she is) this experience was a true highlight of my time in Uganda so far.

Both Trooper and Princess have proven to be true campers. Even I, half way through a burning bug bitten and frustrating night trapped in my room in the pitch dark was longing for a camping tent. Yes, I might have to consider the camping option for those nights when the 5 star lodge is just not possible. I am beginning to sense that camping is far better than a bug ridden mattresses in subpar and over priced accommodation.

These past few days were a much needed respite from school, the shoe box and Kampala and a wonderful get-away with good friends. I find it hard to believe that in one month the school year will be over and I will be packing for London!


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Thing ones and thing twos.

Just a few simple questions that I am mulling over when I should be asleep.

  1. How is it possible for someone to steal a laptop and not feel even a little bit bad? Does poverty just simply eradicate the guilt most people would feel upon taking something that doesn’t belong to them?
  2. How do you tell a parent that their child is just not very bright and actually quite vacant? I know it is so much easier to just blame the school, and I know you think your child is a perfect 12 year old genius and I do realize that the bad marks can’t possibly be her fault.
  3. How did someone find my blog by typing in kill chicken? And more importantly why are so many people searching for Kill Chicken so often?
  4. How can passion fruit taste so divine but look like frog spawn?
  5. Why is it that after making an announcement 3 times, people still don’t do what I had announced?
  6. Why doesn’t everyone back up their computer?
  7. How can some people be so immune to bad smells while others gag?
  8. How did Africa end up being the gigantic rubbish bin of the world? Please believe me when I tell you that what ends up here is what no one wanted to buy in the West.
  9. What do bed bugs look like and how do they get into bed?
  10. The auto focus is not working on my camera. How do I know if it is the lens or the camera? How can this situation be attended to over here?

The mind boggles.


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