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This was my summer: England in the sun



And then there was England. Last summer I spent a whole month in London and set myself the task of posting one photo a day. This summer I was there for close to two weeks and I was not as attached to my camera.

London is home, a different home from Montreal, but still home. My memories of London go way back to childhood summers with grandparents to weekend escapes from boarding school to University days.  I have more family in London then anywhere else in the world and I know it like the back of my hand. But London has changed, we have both moved on and when I go back it is like visiting an old friend; we look each other up and down and comment on how we have grown up.

London for me is family, walks in the park, fabulous food, restaurants with starched white table cloths and handsome waiters, the Tube, red buses that I can no longer hop off, the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Marks and Spensers, Boots and occasional trips to the gorgeous country side.

And Monmouth Coffee, the best coffee shop in the world.

It has not been a good summer for London, between endless rain and those shocking riots; but I had sunshine where I could.

In fact I have not had a drop a rain all summer, I have been nicknamed the sunshine girl as I bring the sun with me in my suitcase. And now that I am in Bahrain I imagine I will be longing for the rain before too long.



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Photo # 19 I love travelling by train

Over the past few weeks I have been on three different trains and I have found that travelling by train in England is easy, quiet, civilized and contemplative. The people watching isn’t bad either.

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Photo # 11. Ancient Church

This Saxon Church was built in 1199. It boggles the mind. Walking inside and touching its cool walls you can almost feel the whispers of ancient prayers. It is a very special place.

I hear the Yew Tree is as old as the church.

( I love the English Country Side.)


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Photo # 10 . I love the English Country side

See that tiny white horse up on that hill way back in the background? Well that was carved over 200 years ago. The English Country Side is ancient and wonderful and even more magical spent with old friends.


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