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A brief taste…


Our social life is rather sparse; we work, we visit the beach, we whirl through the mall and sometimes we branch out and see people. Occasionally we try and go out after dark, just to feel the pulse of life outside our home. Bahrain comes alive at night and is transformed into a different place.

Last night we traded in the DVDs and books, slouchy post work clothes and comfy sofa for a rather more glamourous option. It was the gala dinner to celebrate the end of French Week here in Bahrain and since Handsome works for one of the corporate sponsors we were invited to attend. It was a chance for the gowns to come out, the hair to be coiffed and the heels sharpened. Jewels were polished and hung with care, nails were lacquered and glossy. I only found out I was going about two hours before the event so little time was spent on sprucing, but a frock was donned and hair was brushed. It was fun to go zooming down the highway to be wined and dined at one of Bahrain’s top hotels and to talk to people we had never met before. There were opera singers flown in to provide entertainment and one of the top Sheiks made a brief appearance before being whisked away, entourage and all to another event. Pomp and ceremony was provided by the Royal Regiment’s band and no one acted as if it was the corporate hoo-ha it really was. Photographers ran about snapping pics for the society pages, a few were even snapped of us. I believe it was because Handsome’s red tie matched my dress. Champagne was drunk.

By 11 pm, with the dark knowledge that I was to wake up at 5.30 am, we had to leave. And dessert had not even been served.


Quite different from my night in the Best American Bar in the Middle East, I’d say.

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I love mannequins

And I am not talking about an epic 80’s movie, I mean the real deal. I constantly pass mannequins as we are driving and sadly I cannot stop traffic to take photos. But occasionally I do snap a few and they always make me smile. Remind me to publish a book of mannequins around the world one day.





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Peeking at Pearls

Miss Princess has started a blog. Yes she has. And she asked me very politely if I may mention it to you. I said I would, and I am, but only because it is really rather good and sweet. I hope she keeps it up since it is a very good idea and a great discipline that will keep her “Friends” DVD consumption at bay. I feel she will attend to it regularly as it is about her most favourite obsession: fashion and design.

So check it out. You won’t be sorry.

Peeking at Pearls .

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Three tourists came into a bar… or a cafe…

At coffee the other day, on my last day off, always a bittersweet day, I had to laugh. The cafe was full of tourists. Tourists here fall into three categories.

First we have the young and intrepid. Generally tall, fit and almost always handsome and attractive with that glow of youth and expectation, they all dress the same. The travelers garb here is aglow with African print, in the fabric of their bags, the beads of their flip flops, the headbands that hold back their hair. There are tattoos, baggy trousers with too many pockets or soft skirts purchased in a market soon after their arrival. The jewelry was bought then too, with the excitement of a new purchase in a foreign and new land. They all look brave and weathered as if they already bungee jumped and done all of the rapids. Now they are bargain hunting for the next adventure and they are off to see it, find it all.

Next are the earnest and fresh faced missionaries. These young couples have come with some connection to a church and are planning to stay awhile and volunteer. They are almost always blond, the men often sport beards and they wear no jolly prints of jewelry.   They might be in Kampala to get supplies or perhaps they are on their way up country but they have the look of people on a mission. Literally.

Then there are the middle aged do gooders. These people, often from the middle of Canada or Kansas have retired and want to go on an adventure. Combined with a stint at an orphanage or school, they have come dressed for the part. I imagine when they were packing what must have gone through their minds. “ Shall I bring the denim skirt or the kakhi? Perhaps both.” “I am not sure I can find trousers with elasticated waists over there so I’ll bring 4 or 5 pairs, just in case.” Yesterday took the cake, and the cherry pie. The woman who walked into the cafe was dressed entirely in denim, top to toe, the soft overly washed kind, and slung over her shoulders was a giant fish. Yes. This woman had a bag in the shape and colourful splendour of a super sized Nemo. Behind her, she had a friend who carried an enormous Disney Land bag. It could not have looked better coming off a Carnival Cruise ship in Miami.

Of course, they took a table right next to the young travelers, blond, Danish and dressed in beaded flip flops. sliver bangles and the ubiquitous African print head band. Perfect.

Am I terribly cruel? Hope not.


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