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creative people full body walking

Doesn’t this sound fun?

Someone actually typed this into their preferred search engine and found 3limes. I think it is fabulous, a) that someone actually had the poetic inclination to type such a concept at all and b) that it found 3limes, quite obviously the temple of creative full body walking.

And it got me thinking.

Because I am doing a whole lot of thinking at the moment; what with living on an Arab Desert Isle and teaching TOK ( Theory of Knowledge) ( google it, it is the most awesome part of the IB course and the reason I love IB), and teaching Media to a bunch of kids whose eyes visibly open with empowered recognition in class. And because I am teaching Camus and Kafka to 17 year olds who are actually getting it.

We need to open our eyes. And we need to walk with our full bodies, not just the little feet that take small steps. We need to be creative people, not just painters and singers, no, but creative with everything we do, whether it be brushing our teeth, choosing our outfit in the morning, making toast, or having a heart to heart with the teenager who finally put down the phone to listen. Creativity is about having eyes open and being awake.

So if life is a conveyor belt that you are just riding on, get off and take some full body steps.

As part of my intent to stop, listen, watch and take notice I have created a Tumblr account ( yes bandwagon, a bit) to drop off lots of juicy morsels that I see and want to share. This is not a place where I will ever put something I create. Rather, it is a glorious depository of things I find. Think of it as a magic chest of treasures. There are words and small films, poems and photos, quotes and links.

I have huntered and gathered for ages but finally now I have a place to put the things I find. And I realize how it could be a full time job, this finding and storing, and how I don’t have enough minutes in this life to read and watch all the things I want.

But I can try. Small steps towards full body walking.



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I had the opportunity to go to Berlin for some professional development last week. While I did, indeed develop professionally, and benefitted from the stimulating environment of sharp, bright and experienced teachers; there were many conversations around red bottled tables; I also developed within from a hop over to Europe and The Great Shiny West.

Within moments of arriving I feel the pulse of Europe. It’s in the orange and grey, the efficiency, the shined shoes, good cappucino and bright alarming adverts. I know I am somewhere with a penchant for good design and a trained work force, with years of efficient practice and expectation behind them.  Everything works and I find myself charmed by German efficiency.

I notice the little things: that the toilet in Frankfurt airport is Villroy &Bosch, that the arrivals and departure signage harks back to the flippy train signs of yore. I notice that all the men have smart belts and shoes, haircuts are purposeful and glasses chosen with some care. The font on all the signs sings the subtle but sure message that I am somewhere different.  Moments ago the silky but guttural sounds of Arabic rang through my ears, now it is the guttural but lilting German that takes some time to digest. And then I notice what else is odd, at least to me, transplanted person from desert lands. Everyone is white. Pale, caucasian, sun starved  And people are wearing clothes, that I can see. There is no Thobe to hide beneath, nor the comfort and anonymity of an Abaya.  Here the display is open for show.
I inhale the changes and look with my interminable stranger’s eyes.

I walk the leafy neighbourhood near my hotel and am drawn to shop windows, the creative and unusual display. It is the difference, the shock of the new that hits me and I walk with eyes upturned toward the changes. Berliners and Europeans walk past their ‘ordinary’, not feeling the charm and delight of an autumn leaf crunched underfoot, nor the curled stoned adornment that rests proudly atop a door frame.  I breathe in history with every step, feeling a city charged with everything that has come before. There is a collective awareness of history at every corner and it lends a special pulse to this city.

I returned to Bahrain with a loud and sandy thump. I do indeed live on a desert isle and this week I feel a million miles from the centre of the world.


More Berlin photos to follow….

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Photo # 13 Always Look Up

When one is walking the streets of London it is very important to look up. Half the magic is above the tree tops.

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Finding the Pretty.

As you know I don’t have much occasion to see pretty things here in Kampala. So over the past week or so I have been toting my camera around with all good intentions to capture something pretty. I thought the exercise would lift my optimism and get me through these next few days before the Zebra trip.

So here are the results of my search for The Pretty.

Let’s see, shall we?

These giant pots are tumbled over on purpose, in the name of artistic decor. They happen to be situated outside the spa where I go to make my nails look pretty.

This is not a door that leads anywhere. In fact it is the Door to Nowhere. However, I thought it was pleasing to the eye and happens to be located very close to an attractive bar stool where I sat sipping some very pretty chilled white wine.

The things we do when we are bored! For a friendly experiment I tried photographing these flowers through a pair of binoculars.  I found the result quite surreal.

You might not realize it but these birds are wild parrots. They were gorgeous to watch and listen to especially since the garden was exceptionally pretty. I resolved with even greater resolve and determination to find myself a house with a garden. Even a postage stamp garden would do. Who could not be happy with wild parrots cavorting while you sip tea?

Wild and lush, even in pots.  The large one in the middle is a chimney and is perfect for the toasting of marshmallows.

My dream garden.  I can see puppy dogs and fairies.

If your rose tinted glasses fall off and get cracked underfoot, I recommend putting a camera in your bag and making it your mission to find the pretty.

It might just be around the corner.

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