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Playing in the rain

I am at my third and last lake of the summer staying in the home of some very dear friends. It is generally raining and when it is not an urgent run onto the dock to soak in some precious rays and enjoy a few “docktails” you would find me wedged between the scrabble board and the lap top. Here is a little sample of some fun I have been having. With apologies for not writing sooner. I spot the sun. Off I go.





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Little Miss, Sunshine and Scrabble


Sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. Luckily with good friends you can, most of the time. Yesterday, enjoying a tense and competitive game of scrabble, that I lost by the way, (and the following might be the reason why), I became distracted by a sun chair lying next to the pool at my friend, Cassandra’s house. We were outdoors, but in the shade, and I could feel the chair beckoning me. So once I had played, and knew I had at least 10 minutes (they are so slow, they make up put down such big words!) , I said “excuse me” and I hopped right over to that chair and turned my face to stare at the sun.  

“That is unsociable!” My handsome husband reprimanded me.

“I know but I can’t help it, I am a sunflower!”

Muffed laughter heard in the background. 

They were either laughing at my wit and succinct summing up of my character or they were laughing at me, and finding me decidedly potty.

Either way, this is what I am.


I seriously feel like my petals open up in the sun. I don’t know if I can ever live in a cold country again. Luckily Uganda will be hot so we don’t have to worry about this now.

Little Miss can continue to set aside her manners, be rude to her friends, and turn her face to the sun.


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Playing in a fishbowl

I live in a fishbowl. 

Our sun room (indoor porch) has three walls of windows and we live on a corner. We can spy on our neighbours, the joggers, the dog walkers, the teens, the skateboarders, the soccer players, but they can also all spy on us.







We spend many Sunday afternoons drinking wine and playing scrabble. It is a beautiful room to “lime” away an afternoon. It is the reason we rented the house.

Last Sunday in the middle of a scrabble game, I stared at the rain and looked outside. I realized I had fallen off my short lived scrabble throne. There was a time when Cassandra and I were the same level. We would always play within 5 points of each other. It was an addiction. I remember saying that it would be short lived. At one point one of us, probably her, would zoom ahead and take over. Sure enough and thanks to many hours spent on scrabble.com she has now turned into The Scrabble Maven.







It is not a case of me winning occasionally or even coming second in a game of 4, but how many points will I lose by. How embarrassing will it be?  Suddenly the fishbowl is revealing scary secrets. I am the English Teacher losing at Scrabble.

For awhile I was getting good. Words I could never see were suddenly there! I was great with the laddering and the 3 letter words, all strategic and clever. I knew all my KA and QI and ZA words. Problem was practice. I told her “ either I give up work or you give up scrabble.com. I cannot keep up with you!” It was making me feel stupid and was just not much fun. Finally with the 62 point word “SEQUEL” I felt my crown slowly slip off my head. How could our friendship survive?






I think we might need to find something else to do in the fishbowl.






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