Hedgehogs and baby girls

My daughter just flung a virtual hedgehog in the air. She is changing before my very eyes. One minute a small girl, looking for a rest in Mama’s arms, the next a giggling pubescent MSNing with one boy or two. If one of those boys is playing a video game, why, she must quick-smart head to that game and try it out, thereby having a reason to continue the MSN chat. So when I walked past the computer this evening and saw a poor defenseless and bright orange hedgehog being lurched into space only to discover that his merciless bottom was spewing psychedelic stars, I felt a little confused. Where had that sweet little girl gone? Why was the word of some spotty 12 year old boy so important that she would hit the virtual arcade? Something she has never been interested in before.


I have always hated video games. Really hated them, to a point of looking down my nose with snobbish derision at the person playing them. Which is ridiculous really. I mean who am I to have such an opinion? I just don’t get it. I have students who hand homework in late because they were up to 1 am playing some new hot game that just came out. I have a husband who gets on that computer the minute he gets an opportunity and loves nothing more than visiting a friend who has a Wii. The one that really spun me round is a fabulous and creative group of students that, it turns out, are game addicts! Maybe I am the weird one that doesn’t get it. 


Is there really any difference between blogging and gaming? Obsessive compulsive photoshopping activities and internet surfing? Is the gaming an equally creative distraction? How can I have an ounce of wisdom on this one when I haven’t played a video game since pac man?


I just don’t understand how simply unproductive and time wasting it appears to be. Not to mention that most games are violent in nature.  I suppose everyone gets to choose how to waste their own time. Perhaps I should get myself a little virtual education so that I can actually know what I am talkIng about.


In the meantime I would like my daughter back.  The one that left home and was replaced by that giggling dudette on the computer.




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