Back to school with a dose of Nostalgia

I am going back to school tomorrow and am trying to muster up the strength and enthusiasm for the surge of puberty that is going to walk through my door in the morning. I will have to be very grown up and give homework and mark it and teach things. I will have to wake up very very early and eat a proper breakfast and put on make up and a skirt or a dress. The three weeks are over and it is back to reality time.

There was a time when I was a stay at home Mom. I worked, but only part time, so we committed financial suicide and decided I would stay home with Trooper and Princess until they were both in school full time. I look back on those days fondly although I know I was depressed and bored out of my mind for much of it. I do recall a lot of baking and walks to the park and early morning grocery shops and lots of recipe books. There were crafts which resulted in shiny and sticky things all over the dining room table and floor, and lots of coffee in paper cups was drunk with The Sisterhood, mostly all of us on the floor surrounded by small toys. Even when they were bigger there was fun to be had, often to and from school when car-pooling. I have such strong memories of the snow and fitting them both into snow suits.

I know that once I get into the flow of work I love it, but pulling myself out of holiday mode can be tough, especially when I am feeling nostalgic for those old days. Knowing that Montreal is deep in snow, I can’t help thinking about those cosy afternoons in the kitchen listening to the radio and cooking while the girls did homework or drew with crayons. Remember crayons?

Sometimes they say to me “Can’t you stop working and stay home and make cookies like you used to?”

Food for thought…but back to school.

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