Hello Bahrain

I am in Bahrain, land of turquoise seas, long smooth highways, giant posters of the King,, men in white dresses, women black as crows, shiny shops, large malls, soft beaches, high glitz, desert sands and fast cars. I am constantly amazed by my surreal life; I visit here for 10 days, a place that could not be more opposite than Kampala and then I must return to my former life for 55 days. I am here to chose a house, a school, to look, see and learn and yet I must still go back to the pot holed roads of Kampala and the African skies before I can really call Bahrain home. So I am living an in between existence this week and it feels most odd.

I wonder how I will feel when Africa is no longer mine, and I see no green nor hear no birds. Will I settle in quickly to this island that feels both modern and ancient all at once? I look out of the window as we speed along highways and bridges and imagine how it will be see wealth rather than poverty as my daily view.

Yesterday we went to a large shiny mall. It was the ultimate Great Shiny West experience and standing before 35 choices of red lipstick I froze. This was too much choice. I didn’t know what to do. The palace of cold marble, glossy metal and smooth escalators was overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong; I will be happy to live mere minutes from anything I could possibly need; it will just take some getting used to. I am sure one frustration will be passed onto another.

Everybody smiles and says they love living here. Men drink coffee or juice alone, women glide in their back robes with inches of sparkle peeping out, the make up is thick, the girth is often wide, the children splash and laugh and shout, the life of the carefree.


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4 responses to “Hello Bahrain

  1. Isabel

    At last news from Bahrain.
    I had been looking forward to hearing news from your new home.
    I am also constantly amazed by your surreal life.
    I’ m rooted in my little Portugal hoping to go on reading about your days.
    Good luck with your new chapter.

  2. I’ve been waiting and checking frequently and here you are, and there you are. I feel like I can already see it through this post. “The choice.” Yes, I still feel it, 6 months later. I remember when there was nothing to choose from, and the space it that. It’s more cluttered now, but my lips do look good. Can’t wait to hear more. May the new chapter be your best yet.

  3. I missed Bahrain and my new found friends there. I am wondering why they don’t see that as a destination I mean there are a lot of great places to go there.

  4. i am anxious reading this. not in a horrible way, just for the change that you will all be experiencing soon. it just seems to be *such* a change. i am sure, as you have navigated your other life changes, that it will be wonderful, an adventure for all, enriching, challenging and exciting.

    you are leaving behind something unique. i think you will carry africa with you in many ways, forever and unexpectedly. i wonder how you will look back upon your time there in a few years…i hope it holds the wonder you have created about it for me ( and i am sure so many others ) and that the green and the birds carries you through future times of noise and mad crushes until you are settled.

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