Thing ones and thing twos.

Just a few simple questions that I am mulling over when I should be asleep.

  1. How is it possible for someone to steal a laptop and not feel even a little bit bad? Does poverty just simply eradicate the guilt most people would feel upon taking something that doesn’t belong to them?
  2. How do you tell a parent that their child is just not very bright and actually quite vacant? I know it is so much easier to just blame the school, and I know you think your child is a perfect 12 year old genius and I do realize that the bad marks can’t possibly be her fault.
  3. How did someone find my blog by typing in kill chicken? And more importantly why are so many people searching for Kill Chicken so often?
  4. How can passion fruit taste so divine but look like frog spawn?
  5. Why is it that after making an announcement 3 times, people still don’t do what I had announced?
  6. Why doesn’t everyone back up their computer?
  7. How can some people be so immune to bad smells while others gag?
  8. How did Africa end up being the gigantic rubbish bin of the world? Please believe me when I tell you that what ends up here is what no one wanted to buy in the West.
  9. What do bed bugs look like and how do they get into bed?
  10. The auto focus is not working on my camera. How do I know if it is the lens or the camera? How can this situation be attended to over here?

The mind boggles.


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4 responses to “Thing ones and thing twos.

  1. angela ( jhscrapmom )

    i wish i had some answers for you…

  2. I’m sorry I can’t help with this because I have to go Back Up My Computer!!!!!!! (thanks!)

  3. Mecha

    I found your blog by searching “limeade crockpot” I was actually looking for a recipe for lime chicken.

  4. Stacy

    We, too, had our laptops stolen in Kampala! We were in the parking lot of the Game store. The funny thing was that as soon as we reported it to the guard watching the parking lot a guy on a boda boda drove up and returned our computer bag- no laptops of course:( Apparently, our passports would cause too much trouble so they brought them back but explained that they had no idea where the computers were! Hmmm.. fishy. Ahhh the Ugandan memories!! We are back in the States now but we do miss Uganda!

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