Another trip into the Wild

It really is quite magnificent to get into a car and drive across Uganda to see both wild animals and extraordinary wild open spaces. To look across the wide savannah and say “ This is Africa”, to have to stop the car because a family of elephants is crossing, to spot 10 lions as the sun is just going down and they are heading out to hunt; all this is very special and makes us feel lucky. One morning looking at the view of grazing zebra, topi and waterbuck, Trooper exclaimed “ I am so lucky to live in Africa!”  Sitting on a boat crossing the Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park with a baby hippo to our right and a crocodile to our left, elephants sloshing in the water in front, buffalo sitting in the mud, Princess sighed “I have the best life!”

These are the moments we cherish, when we look at our kids, who have been uprooted from their lives, friends and family to live in a far away small African country, and they are happy and grateful for the exciting moments they get to experience.

The trip was particularly special because we got to share it all with our very first visitor to Uganda, we are calling her The Queen. She pulled out her coordinated white and olive wardrobe with appropriate adventure spirit and brushed gold hoops and with her usual style and aplomb proceeded to love Uganda. Having travelled over most of Kenya the stakes were high; we had to show her a very good time to ensure that she’d return. I think in this regard we succeeded.

Highlights of the trip?

Certainly the smile of Princesses’ face as a family of Banded Mongoose visited our breakfast table.

The impossible to see lions perched on a cliff where they were happily blended into their background. Trooper spotted them and had the boat reverse so we could all peer through binoculars at the lioness and her two cubs.

The two week old baby hippo who was smaller than her mother’s head.

The sing alongs during the 7.5 hour car journey.

The baby zebra prancing through the sun dappled grass.

The lime green poisonous snake that came to visit us pool side only to be shooed away by a very helpful member of staff.

Sitting in a camouflaged “hide” with my family quietly spying on Zebras.

Being woken up at night by the sucking noise of a family of Bush-babies. We shone a torch towards the netted windows of our tree house and caught the frightened look of enormous eyes before it scampered away.

It never gets dull.


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2 responses to “Another trip into the Wild

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  2. I know you talk of some of the hard times being an expat in Africa, but I think it sounds like a wonderful life, and yr children are so lucky!

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