Handsome Husband seems to think that my blog is faltering. Faltering? Do you know what I have to do around here to get five minutes to tap furiously on the lap top in hopes of producing something somewhat entertaining or meaningful for my reader? Okay perhaps, I have taken my eyes of the target and been a little distracted. I am teaching the teens, surviving, living, going to the doctor, nursing sick princesses, co directing a pantomime and cooking for 19. I am planning for guests, reading the books, shopping the shops and walking the walk; so, faltering? Really? Am I not good anymore? Nor fun, not amusing? So I went and checked my stats. Not aways a fun idea because what we can learn from strangers who accidentally find me while hunting for Ugandan girls singing in the rain and killing chickens? Or the best one yet: Do Hippos Roar at the Moom? I mean how many of that number are real readers and not just people who stumbled by looking for Roaring Hippos and Trini Carnival?

But the truth is the number has gone down, the readers are running away!

So now to be perfectly honest I am having a bit of a wobbly. I am not entirely sure where I am going with this blogging thing. I am not sure how many grocery store mishaps, safari trips and Kampala stories I can write. I don’t want to winge nor complain but quite frankly often that is all I can do over here. It is not easy. But you don’t want to read about my homesickness, my longing for shiny shops and restaurants with clever handsome waiters.

Part of the problem is that I am not allowed to write about Camp Hormone anymore, well not in any detail and that is really what I do all day and I used to love writing about the teens. Not anymore.

So this is a small crisis. Not a big one, and certainly to be expected after 2 and a half years of writing 3limes.   Just feeling a bit lost and faltering, that’s all.


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9 responses to “Faltering.

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  2. robert

    You’re a winner of the Bloggies! I, for one, like to read about whatever you have to say, makes me feel closer to the whole gang……

  3. A break isn’t always a bad thing …

    But for the record, I love your blog. I disagree vehemently with some things in it, but I really love it.

  4. Erika McDonald

    I love reading your blog, it feels like a get a chance to get to know you guys again. However with the limitations you have been given I can see how hard it would be to produce something without being able to bring in CH. I am off to a Cyber Safety Meeting this morning at my children´s school and I think the Web is still a scary thing for a lot of people, remember Pippi Longstocking was almost banned in Sweden when it first came out, way to rebellious. Change is scary and the web is changing the world.
    I also love reading about CH, because I do remember being a teenager with all the angst and frustration even though I am much much wiser now 🙂

  5. Robin

    I know exactly how you feel. But I love all of your stories, Camp Hormone-related or not.

  6. Ashley

    I pop by here ever so often & am always so glad that I did. 🙂 You def bring a smile to my face with your stories & insights. Keep up the good work, Sam!

  7. faltering? i don’t see it. but hen again, i have been faltering all over the place these days.

    i am oblivious to stats, just discovered them the other day on my own blog ( go figure ) and decided i could try and “get” them or leave them alone. i left them alone. i really do not believe you are writing for that reason.

    i think maybe the CH thing rattled you a bit. you do have a special understanding of teens and their truths and that was a unique and special thing you were able to share. but i think you have lots more to share with us, your readers ( and friends ).

    you are in a situation unique to many of us…and i love how you share the beauty and the stark reality of your experience.

    and you will not be there for ever. you will return to your shiny shops and handsome waiters one day…so please, keep writing:). you may be feeling a bit of a rut, but i am not sensing it. i just always want more 3limes:).

  8. Lena

    I am sure many of us were just very busy with all kinds of preparations for the end of the year (both professional and personal) and then perhaps travelling – to a place without much internet access…

    I still enjoy reading your blog very much and look forward to your posts in 2011!

    Happy New Year!

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