This time…Africa.

I am thrilled to be nominated once again for a Bloggie. This time for Africa! If you look to your right, just a little bit, you will see that last year I won for Latin America (that was for all The Trini musings) so I am very excited that all the Uganda writings have been appreciated. Considering my recent faltering this is a very special boost so thank you to all that nominated me. I started 3limes in July 2008 at my dining room table in my fish bowl house in Trinidad. The sun was straining to get past the sheer cream curtains, Princess and Trooper were at sailing camp and I had the mad but happy idea to start 3limes. Two and a half years later and a move half way across the world and it is still going strong.

If you enjoy 3limes please consider voting. Wouldn’t it be fun to be the first blog to win in two continents?

Voting closes February 20th.


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4 responses to “This time…Africa.

  1. Well done you! Your blog is such an excellent read and so deserves to win. We shall go and promote your nomination like billy-o!

  2. congratulations on your nomination! That is just simply excellent. I just found your blog through Coulson Macleod and I’ll be back. A beautiful read.

  3. Good work! I’m checkin you out after visiting the Bloggies.

  4. I thought your blog name sounded familiar when I saw it listed on the Bloggies! I think I voted for you in that other category last year, too. Congratulations, and good luck.

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